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The relationship between antenatal vitamin D intake and asthma development in the children.

model of lungs
model of lungs

As healthcare providers, our primary aim is always to protect people before being our patients. Preventive medicine is one of the most significant parts of our job description. To protect the mother and the child, your healthcare provider will outline a specialized plan for you. This article is not a prescription, and it can not replace the clinical advice for you and your little one.

As we live in the capitalist and industrial world, it is now hard to breathe physically as mentally. …

Department of Psychology at Rochester University conducted a study on how to be happier in 2021 after the coronavirus pandemic had hit our dreams hard in 2020.

An antique typewriter with a written “2021” paper
An antique typewriter with a written “2021” paper

The one-year-old COVID-19 crisis has changed us, scientists, in various ways. After dealing with death rates, lock-down psychology, co-morbid diseases associated with the coronavirus, we all feel the burn-out globally. On December 1, 2020, we woke up with hopes, dreams for the future year ahead. A few months later, we found ourselves cuddling these bubbles in quarantine. Naturally, December 1, 2021, seemed nothing but suspicious to dream for the following year. Professor Ryan and his team conducted a research based on our fears and concerns.

Let’s ask the scientist how to be happier in 2021! We all need it!

According to Professor Ryan, this is the main problem with most New Year’s resolutions:

“The saddest part is that most people don’t succeed at their January 1 resolutions. But…

Here is an ultimate guide for studying based on my experiences as a former medical student.

One book and one notebook on the desk.
One book and one notebook on the desk.

I graduated from medical school two years ago with a 3.7/4 GPA. As an A-straight student living most of her life at her desk studying, it seemed like the right time to share some tips!

I know it is getting even more challenging to concentrate on the classes with the online-lecture era. I am here to help!

Step 1: Be mentally prepared.

Once I am at my desk to study, I first check if I am prepared to be committed to my goal.

Make sure you are not hunting with any other ideas besides your goal. …

Don’t be me and learn from my mistakes by avoiding these five habits.

For as long as I remember, I live where the letters stand. I define myself with my writings, as this is why I have been sent to this world.

Do I make mistakes? Yes, every time.
Is it hard to express myself in another language? Yes, it is.
Do the failures upset me? No, not really. I enjoy making mistakes. I couldn’t feel more proud. So here are five mistakes I make every single day, yet I am here to learn!

1. Being impatient

As long as I feel something around my left side, I let the pen take me and meet with…

Seriously, you will grant me right after reading this. I had to do that.

A few days ago, I created a Q&A form in my personal Instagram account about the COVID-19 vaccine. I asked, “Tell me your hesitations and share your question marks with me about the vaccine.” I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to write an article since there are different types of vaccines, and our government honestly gives zero effort to educate the community.

The vaccine for COVID-19
The vaccine for COVID-19

What I was waiting for and ready to answer:

  • Which vaccine tech is more suitable for which risk groups?
  • Has the vaccine accomplished all the phase trials already? And how?
  • Can you give us a detailed…

A life hack when you have no time for a good night’s sleep!

A young woman falls asleep with fatigue.
A young woman falls asleep with fatigue.

Sleep is a way to recharge our brain to keep focused and creative. It plays a significant role in enhancing memory for newly learned information. Studies show that when you get a good sleep after studying, there is a better chance you will have higher grades in exams or crush that client Zoom meeting. Even though I mean “nocturnal sleep” as “sleep,” many studies claim that daytime naps could be as effective as nocturnal sleep for our body.

There is even a “Nap Center” in the middle of Spain, where the scientist investigates people’s daytime sleeps. Our professional nappers took…

I have matched a program in the obstetrics and gynecology department as a resident doctor. This article is my overall journey to make a dream come true.

Medical School

I started medical school when I was 17 without any clue about the future. I was raised by two well-disciplined parents who provided me everything I need while studying. Yet, there has always been a lack of emotional support. Therefore, I usually had to make the big mistakes and learn from them by myself. In my opinion, the educational system has various open points to question in Turkey. How could a 17-year old make a life-long decision without any regret while growing? Isn’t it obvious it is better to make this decision switchable into something else by reorganizing it to…

One of the rarest cases I saw in the emergency room last year.

A 15-year old male sought to the emergency room with chronic nausea and vomiting. He came to my room with only a medical interrupt demand for sickness as he was about to join a family trip.

“There is no diagnose for my case. Sometimes I feel nausea before, but sometimes it is sudden; I throw up until I feel better or take an anti-emetic to suppress it.”

History Taking

I work at the children’s emergency room as a physician. I see at least 100 patients daily, which means I have to be as quick as possible with maximum cautiousness. It is said…

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